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Yoga Towels

Yoga Towels

Adopting a healthier lifestyle requires more preparation than most people realize. At Towel Tech, we present you with the best yoga towels money can buy that will change your workout routine entirely.

What do you need to bring to a yoga class?

There are a few essentials to take with you, including comfortable attire, water bottle, a yoga mat, and a personal towel. While some people’s lists might differ, one thing should never leave your bag, and that is the towel. While yoga may not be as physically demanding as other physical activities, you will, nonetheless, need the protection and the comfort of a high-end workout towel.

Whenever you prepare for your workout routine, you must consider the fact that it is essentially a group activity. You might not work with other people, but you will work around other people. And your presence might bother others in ways you wouldn’t even expect.

Why do I need a yoga towel?

Due to the nature of the activity, you will need the towel to provide adherence during the most demanding yoga positions. You might not go wild as a beginner, but, with time, you will end up performing more advanced positions, during which slipping would be the last thing you’d want. But the benefits go beyond that. Thanks to the TENCEL fiber-based material, our towels have revolutionized the industry.

The features you should be expecting include:

Comfort – Our yoga towels are soft to the touch and comfortable, as any high-tech workout towel should be.

High-absorption – If you really put in work during the yoga sessions, you will sweat. Our towel provides an amazing absorption rate, keeping your body dry and ready to go.

Odor inhibitor – It will not only absorb humidity but perspiration odors as well. This way, you won’t bother other participants with your unpleasant smells, which are inevitable when sweating profusely.

Bacterial repellent – Public gyms are notorious for housing a variety of bacterial cultures and fungi, and the same goes for yoga classes. Having our towel with you will protect against fungi infections and bacterial agents, keeping you safe and healthy.

Practical features – An incorporated neodymium magnet allows you to stick the towel to any metal surface, while the zipper pocket is a great addition for keeping your phone with you permanently. Now you can listen to music or keep check of your calls during the yoga sessions a lot easier.

How much is a gym towel?

The prices for a TENCEL towel are $29.99 for one piece, $49.99 for two pieces, and $59.99 for three. They are eco-friendly, come with two personalized sides, and perform incredibly well in conditions of high stress. Our yoga towels have reached people all over the globe for good reasons – they are comfortable, offer protection, and are highly practical.

At Towel Tech, we will exchange your towel with a new one if you can find any defect in yours within 30 days after purchase. So, order your towel, pack your bags, and start training!

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